Idiap celebrates its 30th anniversary

Institut de recherche Idiap

During our 30 years of existence, we have been part of many historical moments such as:

  • First internet connection in Valais,
  • Facial recognition on mobile phones,
  • Osama Bin Laden voice identification,
  • Speech transcription technology dedicated to Swiss German,
  • Development of artificial intelligence software Torch, used for example in most today's autonomous cars.

We will celebrate this rich heritage, develop it, and share our plans for the future during several events presented in the program below.


Wednesday, September 8th | Innovation Day
Dedicated to companies, this event showcases Idiap's technologies, their applications and provides information about opportunities for collaborations and technology transfer. The specific program and registrations will be available soon.

Thursday & Friday, September 9-10th | International Advisory Board Meeting
Members of our International Advisory Board meet to asses Idiap's development and future plans.

Friday, September 10th | Official celebration
This special event will gather our partners and representatives from the authorities and is by invitation only.

Saturday, September 11th | Public Open House & Dalle Molle Foundation 50th Anniversary Conference
Demonstrations, conferences, contest and much more... The detailed program will be available later.

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